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Founded in 1990, Pioneer Gas Pipeline, Inc. is a provider of natural gas gathering, transportation, and gas conditioning services on its owned and operated pipeline systems.

Pioneer takes pride in its history of performance. The producers who supply our systems with natural gas have been provided with services second to none within our industry. When comparing consistent run-time, accurate measurement, and customer service, Pioneer has earned a position among the elite, including the giants of the industry.

Next to taking care of our existing customers, the company's primary focus is to identify areas that are under-served or locate system assets that are under-utilized and complete a negotiated transaction to acquire the assets and operations. Following the acquisition, Pioneer will improve operations and may strategically acquire surrounding assets that provide operational advantages such as increased throughput and greater service capacity.

Ancillary to those objectives, Pioneer also has interests in natural gas marketing and consulting activities. The company's personnel consists of 2 full-time employees. Corporate offices are located in San Angelo, Texas.
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